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Morbider & Abyssus – From The Abyss Raised The Morbid split ‘Ep


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Genre: Death Metal
Country: Czech Republic/Greece
Label: Ablaze Productions
Year: 2014


Oldschool… this was the first thing came to my mind when I push the play button and Morbider start vomiting their “tunes”. Dap, the guy behind Morbider, is a multi machine, he is playing all the instruments plus vocals. His four songs of the split reminds me, one of my favourite death metal albums of all times, “The spectral sorrows” and this was a great surprise! After 7 demos (!), he released a full length album in 2009 and now in 2014 the split with Abyssus. Personally, I like his music, it sounds so “real” and he awakes the memories of the good, old days of death metal! Hope we will listen soon a new full length album from Morbider!

Abyssus… I think every Sunday they are going to The church of Warrior and light a candle in the name of Hellhammer! Just kidding, but this band, from Greece, is so pure and so raw, that is so difficult not to find many common tunes with bands like Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Master or early Asphyx, and many more from those years. The way of singing, the lyrics, the logo, the guitar/bass riffing, the drums, everything here sends the listener many years before, like I mentioned before for Morbider. Four death metal songs and one dirty-punky Sodom cover, are what you have from Abyssus in this split, they really believe what they do!

I think Morbider/Abyssus are giving to the listener this necro feeling of death metal that we miss in our days!

Leonidas Douras
Leonidas Douras
My name is called religion, sadistic, sacred whore.

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