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Mortals – Cursed To See The Future


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Genre: Black Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Relapse
Year: 2014

The first thing we need to know about the trio from Brooklyn is that they are an all-female band. The second is that they play black metal. This combination is rather rare. While there are many female vocalists in black bands (mainly supporting vocals), all-female bands are not even few, with Astarte from Greece being probably the most well-known.

The album starts with full force and the first song “View from a Tower” answers nearly all our questions about the band. Here we go: First off, the girls know how to play and they’re quite good at it. Then, the album’s production is very tight, keeping a balance between traditional and modern black metal sound. The songwriting is filled with crust-punk and doom elements.

The album goes on at the same pattern, with a storm of riffs and non-stop change of speed. From the third song and on, however, some problems come to life. The eight and nine minute long songs, which include up to twenty, give or take, different changes of rhythm each, tend to become rather tedious. Fresh ideas lack, so does the band’s own identity. It is very difficult nowadays, with the amount of old and new black metal bands, for a new group to make a difference.

However, let’s keep in mind that this album is practically a debut in black metal, because their previous works were centered on punk. We surely hope that their future efforts will be more interesting. Time will tell as always.


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