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Mortual – Autumn Requiem


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Genre : Melodic Black / Gothic Metal
Country : Poland
Label : Self-funded
Year : 2014

Mortual is a newcoming act from Poland and this is their first full length album, mainly self-funded and self-promoted. The band fuses elements from various genres like progressive, black and gothic metal, aiming to create a theatrical atmosphere with their music, iconically characterizing themselves as “drama metal”. The vibe of the record is sorrowful, dealing with the tragedies in the life of a young poet and it’s an hour and nine minutes long, which isn’t short at all. Hopefully, Mortual already show originality and musical perplexity, so the hour length won’t go wasted at all. Autumn Requiem has two really long tracks, “The Crucible: Prologue” which lasts sixteen minutes and the self-titled tracks which goes up to twenty one minutes. I wouldn’t say it’s uneccessary, since their music is full of different parts and they are also nicely put together.

There are great samples and great synth melodies in the record, combined with acoustic guitars or pale keys and piano, building a darker side of your regular gothic metal band, often accompanied with even heavier symphonies, female clean or harsh vocals and growls. The instrumentation is rich and interesting, but above all, it’s distinctive of the band. The only drawback I can think of for this album, is the intensity of the faster parts, which doesn’t feel as natural as the rest of the band’s ideas in the album. The main gothic / symphonic body of the record is really good, yet the heavy parts are less dominant. The lyrics are legit enough and there is a fully instrumental track, apart from the introduction, named “Lullagy of the Damned”.

This is a long piece but deserves your time, it’s intriguing and avoids repetition perfectly. It’s dim and wonderfully symphonic, touching a sense of dark romance and nostalgia.


The gate of the cavern is despair, and its floor is paved with the gravestones of abandoned hopes. There Self must die; there the eagerness, the greed of untamed desire must be slain, for only so can the soul be freed from the empire of Fate.

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