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Motörhead – Bad Magic


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Genre: Their own
Country: U.K
Label: UDR
Release: 2015

Twenty Second studio album for Motörhead and the next stop from ‘Aftershock’ is called ‘Bad Magic’. Now many hasted and decided to bury the new album before its release but this thing happens on every band’s new release, right? Guess what, their new album is quite good. In the same vein of typical Motörhead of the last decade, ‘Bad Magic’ comes pounding out of the speakers and it sounds thicker and sexier than ‘Aftershock’. There is no discovery of the wheel or the first silicone implants on breasts here, but be sure as hell that you are going to get good old time dirty rock ‘n’ roll, the one that only the majestic trio can offer. ‘Bad Magic’ is not the new ‘Overkill’ or ‘Orgasmatron’ or even ‘Overnight Sensation’, but carries elements from all these classic albums sealed in a 40year snaggletooth malt, ready to take over your sound system and grow hair on your chest (they still do that).

For starters, Lemmy sounds a bit tired and considering his condition and the fact that he is 70, sounds in a great shape. His lyrics are once again street poetry, his bass is the medicine for everyday problems and he sounds badass enough to make you sing along. So all of you boys and girls especially those who play in bands, that still judge and talk things about him remember… He has three times your age, he has consumed things that could annihilate a small country like Luxembourg and if he wasn’t here, music would be a whole different thing today. He is doing just fine on their new album and next to him, Phil and Mikkey do what they do best, feeding the Motörhead

‘Victory Or Die’ is the opening track and the perfect example of what is yet to come, it could be easily included in ‘Snakebite Love’. ‘Thunder and Lightning’ will force you to hit repeat many times with the speed side of the band on full demonstration and will find its place amidst the band’s “well hidden hymns”. If this doesn’t get you up, you’re reading the wrong review.  In ‘Fire Storm Hotel’ we loved the Builtforspeed-ish riff in the start, loved even more the sleazy groove on the rest of the track. Ideal to check your heart beats. ‘Shoot Out All Of Your Lights’ is a typical powerful track that is criminally associated with ‘Sacrifice’ and will drop you dead and maybe even some of the bands that use to play dirty. Well, news flash Motörhead plays dirtier. By the time you’ve reached ‘The Devil’, the second beer opens in a magical way and we’ve just found another good moment on this album. I’m confident you know ‘Electricity’, another monster rocker, perfect for setting on fire someone on a romantic date. Even if it’s murder, ‘Electricity’ will save your soul. That’s why we love this band. ‘Evil Eye’ could be the soundtrack of an old gangster movie with a refrain that sticks in your mind more than an ice cream spread on freshly shaved thighs οr something similar. Next is ‘Teach Them How To Bleed’ that speeds up the album again and raises its level even higher. This song also teaches us that the best things in life are not things… Just Motörhead. ‘Till the End’ sounds like the continuation of ‘Lost Woman Blues’ and easily becomes part of the band’s ballad history. Now ballad on Motörhead’s case is not about slow dance or tender whispers in the ear, there are songs for these occasions like ‘Burner’ or ‘Sex And Death’. This is the sad side, like ‘Dead And Gone’, ’One More Fucking Time’ or ‘Lost Woman Blues’… This is the blues. You will like the main hammer riff on ‘Tell Me Who To Kill’ but it’s not among the album’s finest.

When Motörhead go dark they always do great things and ‘Choking On Your Screams’ in one of them. This goes to the same category here with ‘Shake the World’, ‘Brotherhood Of Man’ and ‘Devils’. A true nightmare on Lemmy’s street. We’ve now reached ‘When The Sky Comes Looking For You’ and along with ‘Tell Me Who To Kill’ it’s probably the weakest moment of this album. And finally the cover of ‘Sympathy For The Devil’. Truth is when Motörhead covers your song, let’s face it, it’s not your song anymore. So grab a knife, start swearing, say what you want but this one is better than the original, and Lemmy had many many years pasted since he was singing like that last time. Probably from ‘Escalator’!

So, in conclusion, ‘Bad Magic’ is the 22nd new Motörhead‘s album and you know what this means, you’ll get a good album by a band that first of all respects the people who stood by them through all these years and themselves by being out there for so long and have never, ever released a bad album. Some of them were not as good as others, some maybe far from classic but they all had the attitude, the greatness and the fire in them. This is what you’ll get and these are some of the reasons to buy this album. I can’t think of any reason that you shouldn’t. If we compare the album and we try to find its position in their discography it’s one of their best in the latest decade just below The World Is Yours and that’s all. Upon until Inferno it’s a total different era for the band. On the other hand it’s like you’re writing a review for one of your best friends, talking of his flaws and qualities. And ‘Bad Magic’ is our new friend. Cause this is what Motörhead and their music is all about.


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