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Nachtblut – Chimonas


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Genre:Melodic Death Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Napalm Records
Year: 2014

The quintet from Lower Saxony’s Osnabrück has already nine years in existence and seven in discography and «Chimonas» is their fourth full-length album but throughout their discography too, because they have never released anything else except full albums. They describe themselves as «Dark Metal» and I understand completely why, because in «Chimonas» anyone can find many different styles that make the album stray from the classic melodic black metal I expected to listen when I pressed the play button. The band cannot hide their heavy-power influences, mainly in (more power)«Schwarz», (great riff a-la Hammerfall)«Märchen», in pure fuckin’ heavy metal «Töte mich» and in (it remembers me of Judas Priest’s style)«Kalt wie ein Grab». There are also some Burzum-style paths and blastbeat bursts, make the music reminds something of black metal. On the positive side is that Nachtblut didn’t overfilled the music with meaningless keys and samples and is mainly based on the guitar riffs, the «strong» production and the German language that makes you feel the «blackness» when listening.

Something I did not like is Askeroth’s try to «become» Dani Filth, since in many parts he screams like the short British and throws away what he created with his own characteristic vocals. Also, I think it’s too much the cover depicting the goddess Kali with Jesus’ crown of thorns on the head and a face like …Silencer’s Nattramn.

To conclude, I think it’s a «listenable» album even for non-fans of the genre, an album that someday I would gladly re-listen but it’s not the album could stay in my mind, even if I’d listen it many times, except maybe the warlike «Wien 1683» (which I think refers to the siege of Vienna by the Turks) and «Töte mich».


Kostas Koutsiaridas
Kostas Koutsiaridas
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