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NadimaC: Free Download their “Manifest Against Destiny” LIVE Official DVD 2016


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This DVD is dedicated to all of you who keep supporting us all worldwide for years, despite the fact most of you don`t understand our language (hence the English subtitles). Object of this DVD is not band history per se, but circumstances of the album making, rehearsing, recording and live promoting process. This way you will learn about our society, scene, friendships, and the way one small underground band functions in Serbia.

Since idea behind the DVD is to introduce the story behind our last album and our passion, music and the band, to as much people as possible, we decided not to release it in hard, but only free online version. With support from Witches brew, Drumwitch video, KST and Citadela Sound Production, and many other people who helped us in this other way or the other, we made this DVD in DIY fashion for everyone to see and share.

If you like the DVD, feel free to support us and spread it to your thrash-grind-speed-and-hard-core-punk-ma­niac friends!

Feel free to DOWNLOAD this video!

Fuck capitalism! Support underground scene
friendship, and DIY spirit!
Mosh on! Skate on! Rage on! Thrash on!


0:00:00 About DVD + intro (PLAY ALL – Story&concert)
0:08:58 About the concert venue (KST Belgrade)
0:20:11 Album making process
0:28:55 Album recording process
0:40:00 Album lyrics
0:52:59 Label(s)&releasing of the album
1:05:44 Promoting ideas, spirit and album live
1:31:55 Drinking and raging – on and off the stage
1:48:06 Underground scene, friendship and cooperation


0:01:36 Intro
0:01:55 Stakleni zidovi klanice
0:06:00 Trece oko
0:12:31 Ide i ubija (Krv do kolena)
0:17:17 Hapsi sve
0:24:11 Jebe mi se
0:25:25 Koma sutra
0:33:19 Samo kec
0:36:56 Smrt autoriteta
0:47:00 Europe danke nein
0:50:06 Udri pseto
1:01:50 Introducing the gang
1:02:23 Retardiran za skejt
1:24:13 Under the guillotine (Kreator)
1:25:15 Zmajeva jajca
1:27:43 Bog cuva bekriju
1:39:45 Nezaustavljiva glad
1:43:50 Metod skoka na glavu
2:00:49 BONUS Outbreak of evil (Sodom) + DVD credits

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Lilliana Tseka
Lilliana Tseka
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