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Nahum – And The Chaos Has Begun


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Genre: Thrash/Death
Country: Czech Republic
Label: muSick attack
Year: 2015

The cover of the album and the band’s logo suggest that this release belongs to the brutal death metal scene. Still, one can quickly realize that the band plays a mix of death with thrash, leaning to toward both sides from time to time.

First off, the band has made big steps forward compared to their poor debut album “The Gates Are Open”. The new band members in guitar and drums most likely may have helped to this.  Their sound focuses on bands from nearby countries (Vader), also glimpsing at the far end of the Atlantic. They mostly write fast paced songs, with simple structure, short in duration and containing distinctive refrains. Although the band is centered on aggressiveness, the melodic hints are not absolutely absent.

If you are looking for authenticity, then this album is not for you. The album is well-crafted, but it seems as if it was written according to some kind of manual book of writing thrash/death. All the clichés are here… Nahum are qualified to open gigs for bigger bands of the genre and to take part in the major summer festivals that are organized in their country, but they have a distance to cover in order to reach top class.


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