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Nails – You Will Never Be One Of Us


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Genre: Hardcore/Metal/Punk/Powerviolence
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2016

When I was informed that Nails struck a deal with Nuclear Blast, I was disappointed. My first thoughts were “better start crying for a great failure is on its way”. That’s why I am double excited with the effort those guys from California offered us, since they proved me wrong. The first encouraging signs were given with the video clip that was released a few months ago and with a track that was leaked in the internet, but the record’s overall massiveness was something I could not foresee.

If we tried to approach in semiotic terms Nails’ new album, we might make the pompous declaration that this record has come to overlap – about twenty years later – the monumental album of Brutal Truth “Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom” and this is because we are dealing with a bleeding fast and violent music on one hand, but a masterfully structured and assembled album on the other. It shows clearly that the guys’ influences have their bases on the classical repertoire and that’s where this serious result springs from. Although the tracks included are small in duration, they are so very mellow, full of real riffs, directly memorable, with a not stop groove, putting a huge stop sign to the neo – modern chatter that has overly filled the death / grind / powerviolence – call it whatever you like – field, in current times. In the track “Violence Is Forever” they still deliver a riffing boulder like the classic “Wide Open Wound” of “Abandon All Life”. Their sound even though is as always based on the classic «Heavy Metal» petal by Boss, it sounds fresher and refreshed than ever, huge, stocky, manly. The chemistry of the instruments is stunning, the rotation of the first roles between guitar and bass exemplary, the rhythm section merciless with incredible phrasing. Again thumbs up for these so great compositions. A very positive impression made the amazing cover of the album, as well; hand-made, with dull colors and gravure of medieval aesthetics.

Of course I should note that while discussing “You Will Never Be One Of Us” the other day, I honestly liked the view of a buddy who unannounced said “if Suffocation were hardcore, they’d play like this.” Anyway, whichever scenario we keep, the new Nails ‘album is definitely a musical milestone for this year and likely to be for years to come.


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