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Nails/Full Of Hell Full 7″ Split Album Streaming


Coming together out of a mutual respect, Nails and Full Of Hell musically encapsulate both an internal and external war on this split 7” release. Compiled with some of their more abrasive and angriest material to date, original artwork from Prevailing Darkness Designs completes the visual representation of this release. The split will be released on December 2nd via Closed Casket Activities and today we can hear its full stream below.

Track Listing
1-Nails – No Longer Under Your Control
2-Full Of Hell – Thy Radiant Garrote Exposed
3-Full Of Hell – Bez Bólu

Nikos Nakos
Nikos Nakos
“When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money.”

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