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Nanowar of Steel Live in Athens 28.11.2019


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As winter has come we decided to warm up a bit, thus the family atmosphere present yesterday at the Nanowar of Steel live show in Gagarin 205. Of course it’s better to have 20 people who know what they want rather than a stadium of ignorants, you might say. The eclectic crowd came down to enjoy an evening of comedy and cult-flavored fun. Nanowar, despite the tight spectrum of spectators, gave it their all. Each track was a different experience with the band bringing an array of props and costumes to the stage. I assure you, it was a spectacle for a strong stomach. It’s rare after all, to see a grown man in a wig and a tutu twerking to the rhythms of Norwegian Reggaeton. We laughed to death with the ridicule of metal stereotypes, mythological monsters, tax haven european countries and birds of prey. The audience was constantly participating under the guidance of the band, hugging strangers, pretending to be elves receiving semen streaks on their faces and learning foreign languages. The guys had endless energy, an overflowing amount of attitude as well as the stage presence of veteran comedians. These are the kinds of times that make me feel warm in my heart, like a series of bad choices that have led me to the right place one night. It’s a nice thing, being a metalhead…

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