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Napalm Death: Apex Predator – Easy Meat


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Genre: Death / Grind
Country: England
Label: Century Media
Year: 2015

Let’s say something at the beginning. This is the third attempt to finish the following review. The first two times I tried to write it, I erased what I had written and started from scratch. Not easy for me to critique this band. That’s crystal clear. Napalm Death, were musically my biggest love. As well as my favorite ever album, is their “Fear, Emptiness, Despair”, followed by “FETO”.

Napalm Death reached their last phase of their history and personally I wish not to be another one. In other words we are talking about the fourth band that shares the same brand name with the first, the young child of the 80’s, or if you prefer, the fourth era of the band. That is the main reason for all of us who grew up with the music of Napalm Death and lived it all the way, why we judge them each time with greater rigor. We are emotionally charged and at the back of our minds, there will always be that 2-3 monumental discs, which Napalm never managed to overcome. This creates clear confusion.

In other words, what would happen if the “Apex Predator – Easy Meat” was the first record of a new band just taking its first steps in music? Personally, I would worship it (apart from the sound). We face at least an honest album with completed compositions, beautiful riffs, exciting speeds, feelings, point of view. What happens now that the disc comes from the particular brand name? This needs to be discussed. Why it needs discussion? Because we’ve heard the riffs of “Utopia Banished” and the hits of “Enemy Of The Music Business”, because we’ve heard Barney’s great voice in the ‘90s, which itself was enough to inflate the sails of the largest sailboat, you know how exciting were the guitar riffs of Harris and Pitando, you realize how much more organic were the productions of their “Earache” era, in which you could hear the signals from the instruments so huge and healthy as the oaks of Birmingham. For all these reasons and even more, comparisons are inevitable.

If it is necessary to mention some things about the album itself, as of course you can hear yourself in different channels where you can listen to it via streaming, it’s that it begins with a four minute introduction, which bears the name of the album and is based on “atmospheric” sounds and distorted vocals. Napalm Death, as has been repeated twice in their Century Media era, decide to start their new album with meaningless way. Ok, the introduction is emblematic and has perhaps functional use in the live shows, but for me it’s four minutes of pure wastage. From that point, 13 even pieces of the known recipe follow closely on each disc of modern history. Fast speed and thick alternating riffs from blast into crust and groove. As far as the riffs are taken into consideration, the disc clearly bears the stamp of Napalm Death, which I liked, but their productions are most deplorable. They should probably change their studio or sound engineer. Fed up with this constant carbon sound in drums, guitar and voice. Fed up even more with this plastic wrap. As if you clicked a button with the presets and the same cans come. I understand that the world now only hears music through YouTube or at best case from the loaded mp3s on their smartphones and companies are trying to adjust the sound onto these gadgets, but show some mercy to us who buy the CD or disk. I cannot digest these smallish fragile sounds on the guitars and above all from the drums… The 90s epic era is probably gone for good. What can I say? I guess that’s what Century Media wants and pays for. The company is interested in a shop standard production, known products, and professional design-planning, an album every three years, thinking that it’s a time bomb with sound that appeals to people who have never known the vinyl format.

After several careful hearings of the brand new disc of one of my favorite bands, I will probably buy it, purely by force of habit, for my collection, but the money will come out of pocket with cold heart.



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