Necrophobic: Listen to the new song ‘Mark Of The Necrogram'


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Swedish death/black group Necrophobic is going to release the new, eighth full length album, entitled ‘Mark Of The Necrogram’, on February 23, 2018, via Century Media Records. The cover artwork is made by Kristian Wåhlin.

“Mark Of The Necrogram” tracklist:
1. Mark Of The Necrogram (4:53)
2. Odium Caecum (4:25)
3. Tsar Bomba (5:40)
4. Lamashtu (5:20)
5. Sacrosanct (4:38)
6. Pesta (5:59)
7. Requiem For A Dying Sun (4:39)
8. Crown Of Horns (3:59)
9. From The Great Above To The Great Below (5:53)
10. Undergången (2:48)

The group presents the new song ‘Mark Of The Necrogram’. Listen to it here:

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