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NekKralai – Kliudžiau


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Genre: Punk/Black Metal
Country: Lithuania
Label: Self-financed
Year: 2014

NekKralai exists since 2009 but last August they made their debut and this is because (as rumors say) that when they were «born», neither of the two founding members (Simonas and Gytis) could actually play an instrument! After rehearsing in a basement and moving from Seredzius of 750 residents in Kaunas where the drummer Simonas Krasauskas joined the band, they decided to release the EP «Kliudžiau».

In the nineteen minutes of their debut Lithuanians give a strange mix of old British punk with some influences from Scandinavian (mostly Norwegian) black metal, while there are some rock n’ roll points («Ugnim») and some more crust ones («Juodi Pankai» – if I have to pick a highlight track, this is it). Because many will rush to compare them, I have to say that nothing reminds the punk steps of Darkthrone• these guys are playing a lower-tempo punk style, more like the Finnish Blackthrone. The six tracks are relatively short in duration (about 2.5 minutes the shortest and 3.5 the largest), the production of Xe Xe Chax Heyatha Zhaiyrhous could be better, while the artwork reminded me of something more like Happy Days or Lifelover rather than a punk release.

Overall, this is an uninteresting release, since even on after several listenings could not win my heart.


Kostas Koutsiaridas
Kostas Koutsiaridas
"Since now I name you under our cult..."

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