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Nekromantheon – The Visions of Trismegistos


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Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Norway
Label: Indie Recordings
Year: 2021

With pioneers, Aura Noir, not being that active currently, the scene is in need of more bands like Deathhammer and Nekromantheon. Both coming from Norway, do look very much alike. Although Nekromantheon made a very dynamic entrance in the scene, couldn’t keep up at the same pace. I’ m not referring to quality, but to quantity.  Released back in 2012, “Rise, Vulcan Specter”, was one of the best albums, regardless its genre. Those of us waiting for the sequel, were left with the appetite. Apart from one split of theirs in 2013, the band abstained from recording. In a period full of new releases, a band can easily be set aside, without being active in production level. I hope only that this absence won’t affect “Visions of Trismegistos” release. We ‘re talking about an amazing record here. The momentum does not seem to be lost and “Visions …” sounds like “Rise’s …” sequel. Black / thrash at its best! Pompous vocals, dry sound on drums, and an out of this word guitar. In a total of 32 minutes, there’s countless riffs combining black and thrash elements. All eight tracks are top and create a solid and unified outcome, a combination that never fails. Just added in my “repeat” playlist. Without being pioneers on the field, yet they play steadily at such a high level that few bands do. Although it’s a bit early for predictions, in my opinion this album could be one of the top 2021 releases of this genre.


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