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Nervosa – Perpetual Chaos


Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Brazil
Label: Napalm Records
Year: 2021

What would you do if 3/4 of your band leaves and you are the only remaining a member? The obvious and easy answer is that you are finally dismantling the store and looking for new musical adventures. But not if you are Prika Amaral. Then, you continue to believe in your musical vision and you are looking for new, suitable members to place around you.

These new members are Mia Wallace on bass, Eleni Nota on drums and Diva Satanica on vocals. Now, we are not talking about a Brazilian but an international band. However, this is not a problem, but the question is whether this complete reconstruction will not change the character of the band. So here’s the hard part: On one hand they sound completely refreshed and on the other what you hear is 100 percent Nervosa.

In “Perpetual Chaos” you will hear 13 new compositions based on the Teutonic thrash with some doses of American and some hints of death metal. Although the 13 songs sound a bit much, they all have a real reason to be on the album. The participation of Guilherme Miranda, Schmier and Erik Ak, gives extra power to the album, however we could live without them.

If someone claims that is their best job to date, you cannot dispute it, even if you do not agree. Nervosa, with “Perpetual Chaos”, win a very big bet and prove that it was not a “flare” band, but they will keep us busy for many more years, maybe with a different lineup but with the same high quality standards. 


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