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New Day Slave – Faceless ‘Ep


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Genre: Alternative/ Nu Metal
Country: Greece
Label: –
Year: 2018

New Day Slave is a project band from Central Greece, Thessaly and consists of members of renown bands in the Hellenic scene such as Hidden In The Basement, Foray Between Ocean, Spitback etc. It is quite obvious what their sound is about, since its members have been involved with various projects in the modern metal scene the past few years. Despite their creation a few years back, in 2012, their first E.P came out this year under the name “Faceless”.

“Faceless” consists of five pieces of aggressive, modern guitar riffs, heavy bass, huge drums and irate, Disturbed-like vocals. The influences come straight from the dawn of the 00’s, alternative bands (e.g. Korn, Godsmack, Slipknot, Drowning Pool), Pantera are hailed here and there, while there is a few strong metalcore passages. All songs roll quite easy, but don’t get boring at all, since the alternations between clean and harsh vocals and the changed from slow to fast tempo are quite frequent. My favorite song is definitely the intro track “For U”, which I think would sound huge in live appearances and “Home” which is the slowest one on the record with decent vocal changes and great riffs.Mix and mastering by Panagiotis Katsaounis at the P.K Studios, while the artwork was done by Themis Fad Ioannou.

This is a great start for New Day Slave. All appropriate for new and nu metal fans it is!


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