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New Single Premiere: “The Burning Flood of Antichrist” by Temple of Katharsis


We are thrilled to present the new single, “The Burning Flood of Antichrist” by the Greek black metal force, Temple of Katharsis. Get ready to be consumed by darkness as their music takes you on an unrelenting journey into the abyss.
Temple of Katharsis, known for their dark and intense sound, draws inspiration from the Scandinavian and Greek black metal scenes, forging a path of their own. With their debut album on the horizon, set to be released by Theogonia Records in late summer 2023, this single serves as a tantalizing taste of the infernal power they possess.
Today, exclusively on our Youtube channel, “The Burning Flood of Antichrist” is unleashed, delivering a relentless assault of black metal might. Prepare to be captivated by their raw energy and immersed in their sonic fury.

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