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Night Demon – Curse Of The Damned


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: United States
Label: Steamhammer
Year: 2015

An axe holding dark figure stands in front of an altar on which the burning candles, a dagger, a chalice, a skull and some kind of satanic manual prepares the poor listener for his sacrifice to the god of metal that looks silently behind this vivid illustration that Night Demon chose for the cover of their first full length album. The four track EP of 2013 revealed their evil intentions and now they are back to finish the job with eleven (!) songs of pure N.W.O.B.H.M in the vein of Iron Maiden, Saxon, Diamond Head and Angel Witch.

The trio from Ventura, California delivers their heavy metal with the most concise and direct way possible. They know that this music does not need too much to hit the spot, so they are keeping it simple. They have that ‘filthy’ and raw sound that brings in mind other legendary metal trios such us The Rods and Tank, they have the attitude and the songs to be considered one of the uprising forces of the American metal scene. Counter to the ‘fashion’ among new bands of the genre that demands the vocalists to scream in high heaven without any meaning , singer/bassist Jarvis Leatherby’s performance gives extra ‘balls’ to the songs. The robust drumming of Dusty Squires blends beautifully with Jarvis’s bass lines and Brent Woodward’s guitars spit fire in every occasion from basic riffs and melodic bridges to face melting solos. The slapdash opener ‘Screams In The Night’ with its beautiful break in the middle right before an amazing solo, their homage to their mentor ‘Satan’, the early maiden-ish ‘Full speed ahead, their tribute to the true metalhead (and Saxon) ‘Heavy metal heat’, the Thin Lizzy-esque ‘Livin’ Dangerous’ and the last two ‘Killer’ and ‘Save me now’ are the best moments in this unholy sacrifice to the gods of heavy metal.

You can’t get more classic heavy metal than this. This is an honest release from a band that knows how this music is meant to be played. Grab a six-pack pack of beer and ‘Curse Of The Damned’ when it comes out and get a strong dose of pure metal.


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