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Night Knight, There’s a “New” Kid in Town


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New rock ‘n roll band from the drummer of Planet of Zeus. According to him “All my life I’ve been a sideman. Playing the drums. Writing songs. Proud member of some of the most important rock bands in Greece’s recent history. Planet of Zeus, Modrec Fingers Crossed. I’ve played the drums, both live and in the studio for some of the best acts out there, Imam Baildi, MONIKA, Spectralfire, Moa Bones ,The Wedding Singers, Tango with Lions (band), Mc Yinka, Melentini Μελεντίνη/ The Running Blue Orchestra, The East. I’ve lent my drums and tuned drums for albums by Vodka Juniors, Whereswilder, One Leg Mary, Satelights, Eye Level, Cellar Dogs. It was about a time I grabbed my guitar again and spat the words I had to say in the mic. So, I became the “Night Knight” and recorded my first full length album in August. Soon, it will be released, through my record label ihaveadrum records. Stay tuned for more info. Love you all…Let’s keep rock ‘n roll alive and relevant…”

Sometimes With Frøst In My Keyboard, Sometimes With Sand. Πότε Στα Χιονισμένα Βουνά, Πότε Στη Καυτή Άμμο. https://www.facebook.com/HellenicMetalCluster

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