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Nite – Voices of the Kronian Moon


Genre: Black/Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Season of Mist
Year: 2022

When I first listened to the new record of Nite, it brought me in to my mind of “Diabolical Desecration” from Bewitched. Which had been released in 1996; a time when there were great controversies among Extreme Metal fans “defending” different genres. But the band had managed to make this record heard by all the metal fans. They definitely had good songs but mainly they had achieved to combine harmoniously Heavy Metal music with brutal vocals and extreme lyrics. Nowadays, there is no such separation but “Voices of the Kronian Moon” could (surely) achieve something similar if it was released at that time. Main members of Nite are Van Labrakis, guitarist of Satan’s Wrath and Scott Hoffman, member of High Spirits. The coupling of 2 musicians from such diverse bands, certainly has its risk in terms of the final result. But they succeeded with their second album to create an exceptional blackened heavy metal album. Riffs are sometimes galloping and sometimes honor the legacy of NWOBHM. There are melodies, dark but also epic atmosphere and are excellently combined. The vocals are reminiscent of Demonaz and specifically the great “March of the Norse” where and there the epic element largely dominated. “Voices of the Kronian Moon” is superior from their debut album and this time more people must/have to listen to them. It is the strong proof that Heavy Metal is a solid unit and when it is played properly it concerns everyone or at least this how it should happen.

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