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Nitro – Volatile Activity


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: United States
Label: Blood & Iron

The 1980’s and the first half of the 1990’s gave birth to so many heavy metal gems, that if you were to collect them all, a 5 floor building wouldn’t be enough to fit all the releases. Nitro was (and actually is) one of those bands that even though their catalog was never long, they managed to create a name for themselves and be adored by numerous heavy metal devotees from all over the world. The band released just an EP back in the day (“Lethal”, 1982), however it was just enough to lure maniacs from across the seas. Nitro came back in 2013, when they released “Lethal Dose”, a compilation record, followed by the “Uranium” single later that year.

Through the course of time, a plethora of bands serving the heavy metal genre, have implied or straight-forwardly admitted that although loads of compositions were available back at the time, they never managed to actually release them for many different reasons respectively. Nitro fall in one branch of those categories. “Volatile Activity” is a record that features tracks recorded for a never – released Nitro album, which was supposed to be released in 1987, but was never officially released until now. Blood and Iron Records, in co-operation with Metal Soldiers Records did us all a favor and brought these gems to light for all of us to enjoy.

“Volatile Activity” consists of 10 tracks plus one bonus track (“Uranium”, single 2013). The album opens with “Take Me Higher” with steady drumming and rock’n’roll-ish guitar rhythm, setting the mood for what’s to come; playful guitars with lighthearted tunes that definitely makes cheerfulness pouring from your every pore. “Wanted Alive” comes next… What a song! Undoubtedly one of the best tracks Nitro has ever recorded. “Wanted Alive” features an amazing musicianship along with an elaborate and detailed song structure that makes you feel replete with satisfaction, contented… Simply breathtaking! Moving on, “Faking It”, “Shark Lady” and “Tuff Life” follow a basic heavy easily – listening structure, flowing well, without being either manifestations of inconceivable inspiration or boring fillers. “Do It” could be described as a more punk – oriented track, however over-flowed with NWOBHM elements; utterly pleasant, especially during those badass moments, when the rhythm is slowed down and the lyrics are more narrated than sung. “Rule The World”, “Youngblood” and “Pretender” take things down again. The record closes with “Boys Will Be Boys” and the bonus track “Uranium”. Oh, “Uranium”! That eerie intro, those heavy-like-concrete guitars, the drums and cymbals that embrace the overall structure, those magnificent vocals, that almost oriental solo that changes its form as it proceeds… “Supersonic, cosmic, chaotic”!!

To put everything in a nutshell, “Volatile Activity” is a record that has its ups and down, with some great moments along the way and some tracks that probably won’t stick with you that much. The fact that the record holds its ‘80s feeling and style in its sound, despite being released in 2014 is one more point added to the pros list. Give “Volatile Activity” a chance and let it sink in. After a few hearings you will be captivated by its essence, conquering a special place inside your heart, and why not, your collection.


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