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Nordjevel New Video Clip “Of Rats and Men” available


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Norwegian Black Metallers NORDJEVEL have unleashed another song from their upcoming new album “Gnavhòl”!

You can check out the video clip for “Of Rats and Men” here:

the track is also available on all usual streaming platforms: https://orcd.co/ofratsandmen.

“Gnavhòl”, the band’s third full-length, will be released on September 23rd 2022 via Indie Recordings. It was produced by Fredrik Nordström.

Conceptually, NORDJEVEL further evolves and ventures into even more sinister territories. “Gnavhòl” is driven by war, destruction and hellish esoteric beliefs, and they have created an album that is even darker and more brutal than ever before.

Full-blown darkness!

Artwork by Khaos Design / Photo credit: Jørn Veberg


  1. I Djevelens Skygge
  2. Of Rats and Men
  3. Satans Manifest
  4. Within the Eyes (https://youtu.be/kYOiAErxk3Y)
  5. Gnavhòl (https://youtu.be/HSz6K4RugUE)
  6. Antichrist Flesh
  7. Spores of Gnosis (https://youtu.be/akKSW3DihX8)
  8. Gnawing the Bones
  9. Endritual
  10. Twisted Psychosis *

* Bonus track for Trifold vinyl/CD

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