Obnoxious Youth – Mouths Sewn Shut


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Genre: Heavy/Speed/Black Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Svart Records
Year: 2020

Obnoxious Youth is one of those bands that have elements of many genres in their sound but manage all of them to make sense through their personal stigma. The influences start from punk and rock ‘n’ roll and reach up to speed and black metal, with the latest elements being more intense. So is “Mouths Sewn Shut”, a release that concerns fans of extreme sound. We are not talking about a normal release, but about an ep that comes to complete their logic that after the full length follows the ep and so on. Here, we’re dealing with 6 pieces that stick you to the wall. The overall short duration in all their releases seems to be something thought of, that aims not to tire the listener. If I had to set a band as a reference point it would be Kvelertak of the first albums blended with Venom, Metallica, Discharge, G.B.H., Accused, primal Slayer and American hardcore, but through an even more raw and primitive approach. This concerns both the extremity of the songs and the production. The vocals have a completely old school aesthetic and they seem to contort between death and black metal. Something nice that mini releases have and happens here as well, is that the short duration creates an immediacy that makes you perceive the release as something more unified. Especially in such releases, you have the feeling that you hear a song divided into parts. So, a nice ep from the Swedes that if they stick to their schedule, it will be succeeded by a complete release.


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