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OMEGA INFINITY shares Genesis cover, ft. Eklatanz of HERETOIR


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Right in time for the 40th anniversary of the self-titled album of one of the greatest Prog Rock bands of all time – GENESIS (THE best, if you ask multi-instrumentalist Tentakel P.) – void metal outfit OMEGA INFINITY presents their own take of the haunting opener to this album, “Mama.” The song can be streamed HERE.

This song on air is one of the first musical memories Tentakel had, being only a toddler when this came out, but the eerie atmosphere branded itself into his cortex and not only cemented his everlasting love for GENESIS, but would also never leave his head and drove him to search for similar dark music, eventually leading to Black Metal – the rest is history, and several bands celebrating the style.

A leftover from the ‘Solar Spectre’ session and initially planned to be a second bonus track on the debut, this cover version suffered from one thing from the very beginning – finding the right guest vocalist. Several guests were asked & initially agreed to join the cosmic duo on their own take of GENESIS‘ number 1 single, but it seemed the track was jinxed – until Tentakel asked his good friend Eklatanz from fellow German Avantgarde Black Metallers HERETOIR. He delivered reliably and adds the much needed melodic factor to OMEGA INFINITY‘s blastizement of this song.

Be prepared to relive the classic song in a very unusual Hyperspeed version!

Track List:
1. The Alpha (07:40)
2. Creation (05:11)
3. Iron Age (07:11) feat. Adrienne Cowan [WATCH HERE]
4. Banish Us From Eden (04:42)
5. To The Stars (05:16) [LISTEN HERE]
6. Death Rays (06:18) feat. Lindsay Schoolcraft [LISTEN HERE]
7. Voices From The End Of Time (12:19) feat. András Nagy
8. Night Journey (Sear Bliss cover) (Bonus) feat. András Nagy
9. Ye Entrancemperium (Emperor cover) (Bonus) feat. MJ Braun

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