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On Thorns I Lay – Threnos


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Genre: Death/Doom Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Lifeforce Records
Year: 2020

On Thorns I Lay are one of the most remarkable paradigms the Hellenic Metal scene has to offer, without any doubt, since they are appreciated by all domestic fans, regardless of their personal preference on a genre. For the last 25 years they have been able to raise the bar more and more with their records, and their live performances are immersive and shoot one to the heart. None less than a month ago, their new effort “Threnos” was released, which is a sequel to “Aegean Sorrow” in a way,while within it they found a way to re-establish themselves in a younger audience. The gothic element grows dramatically with each release of their, and each full length is a distinct sound journey into a universe brought forth from another worlds. Without doubting any of their previous works, “Threnos” sounds more complete and the diversity it presents in various places is more evident than ever. Melodies, riffs, female vocals, strings and violins all bring together a result that take a band a stair higher than any death / doom release. This genre introduces, as a whole, a particular cruise line, which On Thorns I Lay break and improve each time, while they keep on experimenting in any of their new steps forward. The album will not be easily forgotten, it will certainly compete amongst really strong names in the top 10 lists of the year this December, while it hits the spot where it should.


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