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Once Upon Atrocity: The Filth Chronicles


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Coming from the haunted english shores of Suffolk, the womb of gothic culture, Cradle Of Filth saw the light of day (or the pale huntress moonlight) in 1991. The kings of Supreme, Vampyric Metal have had a great impact on vrious bands and have gained mainstream success from worldwide audiences because of their controversial image, leading them to headline huge metal festivals all around the world.

“The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh” – 1994

“Just like a dream of wolves in the snow”.Their first album was supposed to be “Goetia”, however it was never released since the tapes got lost after Tombstone Records’ bankrupting. Cacophonous Records were interested in Cradle Of Filth, via which they released their debut. Since the mid ’90s was an era when Scandinavian black metal was thriving around Europe, this one couldn’t have broken the circle. Raw, satanic, heretic, pure blasphemy. Dani Filth’s vocals were immaturely beautiful. Definitely a favorite.

“Dusk…and her Embrace” – 1996

“Thy Seduction haunted the castle in erotic despair…”. One of the most essential releases of all time. Poetic, erotic lyrics, with symphonic elements embracing all compositions perfectly, beautiful alternations between male and female vocals, mysteriously dark artwork and Cronos from Venom as a guest on the track “Haunted Shores”. Includes everything that makes an album flawlessly perfect. How many tears must have been wept from ’90s vampire freaks and gothic lovers for “A Gothic Romance” and “Funeral In Carpathia”? How many images come in one’s mind during “The Graveyard By Moonlight”? Out via Music For Nations on summer 1996. Fairly described as Cradle Of Filth’s finest moment.

“Cruelty And The Beast” – 1998

“All crimes should be treasured if they bring thee pleasure somehow”.
The album is based on the Cactice Countess of Hungary, Elizabeth Bathory, the blood-thirsty lady that used to bathe in young girls’ blood to maintain her youth. Despite the album is been described as one of the best releases of the ’90s and of the genre in general, the band had never been satisfied with the outcome. Female backing vocalist Sarah Jesebel Deva claims to have walked away with tears in the eyes after she heard the final cut. The band has found its identity and direction, to which everyone had hoped they would continue following, but no.

“From The Cradle To Enslave” – 1999

This is not a studio album, however it is one of the most remarkable releases of the filth. The title track is a historic one, and so is its music video. Back during its release, its uncensored version shocked everyone, both fans and parents. Protests were made against the band and the video due to the nude ladies, the blood and the entire freakshow that followed. “This Is The End Of Everything…”

“Midian” – 2000

“Care for little necrophilia? Hm?” On Halloween Night 2000, Cradle Of Filth lovers witnessed the release of Midian. Midian is one of their finest works to date. The band’s musical direction changes here a little bit. Symphonic elements are lessened, speed is higher and Paul Allender, a historic figure to the Cradle history is back. “Her Ghost In The Fog” is still one of the greatest songs in their entire discography, while Cthulhu Dawn has been, up to recently, the intro song for their live concerts. Last but not least, “Lord Abortion” which was included in “Cradle Of Fear”, the fucked up movie the band released at the same year.


“Damnation and a Day” – 2003

The least favorite release by many, since indicated the path to a new era, transcending them into another “extreme symphonic metal” band. The album is based on Paradise Lost by John Milton and features some really tasteless tracks. Of course, there are some Cradle classics like “The Smoke Of Her Burning” or “Hurt and Virtue” but..nah.

“Nymphetamine” – 2004

This is an all-time favorite for both oldschool and new comer fans. Especially for the new ones, since the title track is the most well known by the band at the moment (and the their most viewed video to date). Liv Christine is hideous to me, however the entire aesthetics of the album are great. Indeed, the band has changed a lot from their ’90s era, however this album is really loved in constrast to Damnation And A Day, gaining mainstream success all across the globe, while the band is due to headline some huge European metal festivals back in those days. The “Overdose” track is far superior than the shortened, “Fix” one. Meanwhile, some other gems like “English Fire”, “Gilded Cunt”, and “Nemesis” are really underrated, since “Nymphetamine” has gained 99,9% of the album’s attraction.

“Thornography” – 2006

A controversial one. One of the heaviest releases of the band to date, however not loved at all by narrow minded fans, who have strictly stuck to their former image and sound. A pity. It includes some epic songs such as “Under Huntress Moon”, an ode to Mother Moon, “Cemetery and Sundown”, a hymn for the undead, while there’s a remarkable cover of Heaven 17’s “Temptation”. The last one to feature Sara Jesebel Deva on backing female vocals.

“Godspeed On The Devil’s Thunder” – 2008

“So potent was the star under which I was born, that I have done what no one is the world has done, nor can ever do.” Another concept album, based on Gilles De Rais, a convicted man who sexually assaulted and murdered young boys. Probably the second least favorite after “Damnation and a Day”. The track “Death Of Love” has gained mainstream success as well, due to its slow and easy listening melody, taking the band a little further to the mainstream audiences’ access. Not a bad album at all, just really predictable with only a few highlight moments.

“Darkly Darkly Venus Aversa” – 2010

“Casus belli in hoc signo vinces, in aeternum, amen” Lilith. Oh Lilith. A feminime companion to “Godspeed…”, according to Dani Filth. It is based on Liilith’s coming back to the modern society as a deity and man, it kicks some serious ass. It’s probably the only album I really enjoy after Midian. Poetic lyrics in latin, really dark compositions along with symphonic arrangements and some decent female vocals by the incredible and underrated Ashley Ellyllon. “The Cult Of Venus Aversa” is a great introduction that gives me goosebumps, while “Lilith Immaculate” and “Forgive me Father, I Have Sinned” are both great tracks and music videos. A favorite.

“The Manticore and Other Horrors” – 2012

Eeeeh. Nothing special. Just a bad replica of the three previous releases combined. Only one track is quite decent in here. Not really bad, just repetitive and uninspirational, compared to others. Paul Allender’s departure didn’t help that much either.

“Hammer Of The Witches” – 2015

First and foremost; Lindsay Schoolcraft is the best thing that has ever happened to Cradle Of Filth. Her vocals and piano abilities are far superior than any other previous member. A clear indicator of what Mr. Filth had in mind; to get the band’s sound back to the glorious Midian era. For the newcomers, it was their second best release after Nymphetamine, but then “Cryptoriana” happened.

“Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness Of Decay” – 2017

YES! Cradle Of Filth are finally back. No, they never actually left, but the sound that everyone had loved in the first place is back, and stronger than ever. With their greatest lineup to date, they managed to reclaim their throne as the king of supreme, vampyric, evil metal back. No words needed – only proof:

After a huge, world tour lasting about 2 years for “Cryptoriana”, which also came in Greece in 2018, the new version of “Cruelty and the Beast” is released in 2019. A release that had to be presented with a different way, finally, due to the production that has been degrading that masterpiece for about 25 years, with the band making a few appearances playing that particular record at European festivals. Just before the quarantine period, Lindsay Schoolcraft leaves and is replaced by Anabelle Iratni. During the pandemic, the band released two live streams, one of which was “Dusk and Her Embrace” in its entirety. In 2021, the band released their final album through Nuclear Blast, titled “Existence Is Futile”, after the release of which Anabelle and Richard Shaw left the band, replaced by Zoe Marie Federoff and Donny Burbage enter. The band’s first release with Napalm Records is the live album “Trouble and Their Double Lives” released in 2023.

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