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Orange Goblin – Frequencies From Planet Ten


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How can I say this bro, some bands, while their course in to the extreme sound is flourished with so many brilliant discs, that are really awesome and people loved them (especially genre fanatics), still they never managed or achieved to be really big or make enormous tours around the globe filling stadiums and arenas worldwide. On this specific category we can find Orange Goblin that came out of nowhere from the rainy London in the ‘90s and since then they handle a steady fanbase around the world, but never and I mean never in the veins of…let’s say Slayer or something much bigger. But as they will visit Greece on September, we believe that is a really great reason and chance to say a few words about their debut full length studio album “Frequencies From Planet Ten”, that came out in 1997 via Rise Above Records.

The album consists of 8 tracks with a total duration of about 45 minutes and came out after the release of their first EP, in which Orange Goblin were still called Our Haunted Kingdom. Balancing between fine technique and utterly ‘flashy’ points (as it was in the late ’60s – early’ 70s psychedelic logic), “Frequencies From Planet Ten” belongs to the musical tone of Space Metal, Space Rock with a lot of intensity. There’s also small touches of Psychedelic Rock, essentially charting the path that would follow with their subsequent releases, identifying their existence with these particular sub-genres.

Intensive melodies that lies on the edge between Doom and Heavy compositions, with faster and faster (but always dark) guitar tunes, coated with a bass that intensifies throughout the album and of course always accompanied by the shadowy, and totally expressive vocal lines. For many, Orange Goblin was a patchwork of U.F.O. and Uriah Heep, but with a Monster Magnet twist (especially on tracks / songs like “The Astral Project”).

Lyricallly speaking the record moves on to the much-awaited theme of psychedelia, the influence of drugs on the mind, while distinguishing “Saruman’s Wish” and “Lothlorian” based on the work of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”. Also we can find two instrumentals, “Song of the Purple Mushroom Fish” and “Lothlorian”.

The recordings of “Frequencies From Planet Ten” took place for over a year (from March 1996 to March 1997) basically at Stratford Rhythm Studios with producer Dave Chang.
In 2002 it was released a reissue as a double CD, including the second album of the band “Time Travelling Blues” (1998). This release contains 2 bonus tracks, both taken from Man’s Ruin EP. One track was “Nuclear Guru” and the other a cover on Black Sabbath’s “Hand of Doom”.

An ideal album for Black Sabbath, Kyuss and Electric Wizard listeners, among others.

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