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OZ Return With New 7″ Single, “Undercover”


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Swedish Heavy Metal veterans OZ return with a new EP, including two previously unreleased tracks: “Undercover” and “Wicked Vices”, and is set to be released on November 24 via Massacre Records.

A lyric video clip for “Undercover” is now streaming below.

“This song contains both beliefs and truth,” the band reveals.”We are afraid to show who we really are and what we really think, because different people, systems and groups spy on us and what we do. So, we hide from each other behind masks. We all have to play this game and at the moment the reality is quite similar to various spy movies. So we all live undercovered in different ways. The inspiration for this song comes from both real life and various spy movies.”

The tracks were mixed and mastered by Lars Chriss and Mike Lind at Masterplant Studio. The cover artwork was designed by André at Blekkmark Design Studio.

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