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Paradise Lost – Medusa


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Genre: Death Metal, Doom,Gothic Metal
Country: England
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2017

This is the first album for Paradise Lost in Nuclear Blast, bearing an imposing title like “Medusa”. It’s been a summer with the higher temperatures in years and things like Game of Thrones’ last season which started on its core or cold records like “Medusa” have confused us completely! The Plague Within”, their last record for Century Media, marked a great return to an old, familiar death-doom style. In “Medusa” we move accordingly with even more dark and sludgy vibes. Once more, the rhythm guitar pairs perfectly with the lead throughout the record, a timeless feature in all of Paradise Lost’s discography, where punchy riffs are accompanied beautifully by Greg Mackintosh’s melodies and leads. The compositions are well-written, hold much thought and effort inside them and it’s clear that nothing is left for luck, as a band with a course like that ought to do. Nick Holme’s voice continues to reflect the reputation behind it by moving between hopeless screams and melancholic singing. The production suits the record perfectly with the rhythm section being especially praised by it and the bass being the backbone of the album with its huge low end. I have my concerns about the track-list in general, but I’m sure that I wouldn’t start the record with “Fearless Sky” which definitely not justifies its length. The aforementioned turn to Sabbath-like riffs hold certainly a fair amount of nostalgic beauty, but the continuous inspiration pumping from the roots and the glorious past may hide dangers of chewing on re-heated food. We’re stepping on a tightrope here (also). However, since the songwriting is good, (we) the fans will kneel before it and whine while standing on remembrance and romance. In conclusion, we’re dealing with a record worthy of Paradise Lost’s name both technically and musically which their fans will enjoy and love. Let’s not hesitate to look the truth in the eyes though. There’s no chance we’ll turn to rock…


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