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Persecutory – Towards the Ultimate Extinction


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Genre: Death Metal
Country: Turkey
Label: Godz ov War Productions
Year: 2017

“Towards the Ultimate Extinction” is the debut album by this new Turkish band, which comes one year after their first EP release in 2016 named “Perversion Feeds our Force” and rightfully gives a good strike. Their vile looks goes hand by hand with a same aural presence, as Persecutory demonstrate their skill to produce animalistic death metal with quite some black / thrash influences and a graphic, aggressive concept all along.

While it can’t be strictly characterized as bestial death or war metal, because of its leanings towards other styles as mentioned above, some aspects certainly exist. There is a wide variety in the vocals used, covering almost all different kinds that are usually included in black and death metal, with often uses of frantic, high pitched screams too. The lyrics of the record are mostly about common suspect themes like death, chaos, devastation and anti-religion, but in a level slightly above what would be typically expected.

The record is speedy and well composed, something that’s obvious especially from the guitar lines, which consist of violent riffs all the way. Even in long tracks like the 11 minute self-titled track, there is always a portion of intensity and the scourging melodies, combined with these vocals, are dominating. The drummer exerts pressure and a bunch of blast beating moments, or simpler grooving during the middle paced passages of the songs, doing good without showing special techniques of any kind.

As it is obvious from the cover as well, Persecutory’s music is merciless by nature and “Towards the Ultimate Extinction” serves the purpose well. It has great guitar work, amazing vocals, a powerful sound and an overall solid structure to show how attacking and ferocious death metal can be made. The album consists of six new tracks and only one re-recording of a song from the EP (the last, “Maelstroms of Antireligious Chaos”), giving me high hopes for their future.


The gate of the cavern is despair, and its floor is paved with the gravestones of abandoned hopes. There Self must die; there the eagerness, the greed of untamed desire must be slain, for only so can the soul be freed from the empire of Fate.

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