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Poem – Skein Syndrome


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Genre:Progressive Metal /Alternative /Grunge
Country: Greece
Label: ViciSolum Productions
Year: 2016

It’s the second record for the Athenians and it holds many promises for Poem’s future, after 2009’s ”The Great Secret Show”, as their new effort “Skein Syndrome” is clearly one step ahead, considering their musical course to this day. The band holds a solid music character from the beginning until the end of the album, it’s full of energy, dynamics and technique, while, combining all these with George Prokopiou’s brilliant vocal performance (who is actually the only original member of the band), it offers an outcome capable of maintaining your interest at high levels throughout the whole hearing process. Sonically and aesthetically, the band seems to step on the footsteps Tool, Perfect Circle and Karnivool left behind, which is proven by tracks like “Weakness” (the record’s highlight), “Bound To Insanity” (Maynard Keenan’s spirit leads the way) and “Passive Observer (a progressive eargasm), all of which lead the course, without this meaning that the rest of the album’s tracks lack something.


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