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Possession: Revealed 2 new songs and upcoming album’s cover artwork


Last Updated on 10:06 PM by Nikos Nakos

Almost two years have passed since Possession‘s ‘1585-1646’. The belgian black/death group revealed two new songs and the cover artwork of their upcoming debut album, entitled ‘Exorkizein’. The album is going to be out on April 7 via Invictus Productions and Iron Bonehead Productions.

You can check below the tracklist and the cover artwork

possession cover

1. Intro
2. Sacerdotium
3. Infestation – Manifestation
4. Beast of Prey
5. In Vain
6. Take the Oath
7. Preacher’s Death

Listen below, through Invictus Productions’ bandcamp page, two new songs:

Nikos Tsiolis
Nikos Tsiolis
Blood Fire Death

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