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Power Face ‘s/t’ 7″


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Genre: Hardcore / Punk / Crossover
Country: Sweden
Label: P.P.P. Records
Year: 2015

‘Pushing the limit, faster, faster
No matter the question, rock is the answer’

My beloved chief editor in Metal Invader thought it was undoubtedly cool to make me sit my dumb ass in my desk in the middle of fuckin’ summer to write a review of some Swedish crossover / hardcore / punks, as he told me. ‘Awesome’ I said to myself and with the Volos Heats beating the Air-Conditions I opened my PC and clicked on the bandcamp link of Power Face (physical promos is out of question in the year of 2015; how much I miss the good ol’ days!).

So, if you are a die-hard reader of Metal Invader, you should have already checked out a mini feature about them in the Keep It Real section (https://metalinvader.net/keep-it-real-power-face-7-by-power-face/).

Power Face is a brand new band from the Stockholm’s alleys, roaming in the streets like rats with bandanas, spitting hardcore / punk / crossover with an old school heavy metal flavor in the ‘normal’ people’s faces.

Their 7-song debut 7″ was just released by P.P.P. Records (also home for a bunch of underground metal / punk / hardcore swedish bands), Farsot, Monument and aldrig över min kofot and it’s a masterpiece of no fills / no thrills old school whatever music.

I definitely enjoy it and, as I read in the article above, Power Face are approved by Negative Self (a.k.a. the Swedish Suicidal Tendencies), so who am I to disagree?!

Check it out for sure. Thanks to George (that beloved chief editor I told you in the beginning of the review) for pushing me to return to my reviewing duty. Send me more boss!

‘Mesmerized, cuts so deep / Nevernevernevernevernever going to sleep
Hardcore punks keep it up all night / Feedback, stage dives, fucking right!’


Apostolis Mokas
Apostolis Mokas
Between booking shows, driving bands all over Europe, releasing cool punk/hardcore records with World's Appreciated Kitsch, distributing even cooler stuff via Uprising Hardcore Distro, touring with My Turn and watching movies with his girlfriend, Apostolis writes reviews & columns for Metal Invader (after a special invitation by Gio and the ultimate promise to become rich one day, making money out of this), trying to spread the word about the underground hardcore scene. Check out his FB and follow his endless activities: www.facebook.com/worldsappreciatedkitsch

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