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Primal Fear – I Will Be Gone EP


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Genre: Power / Speed ​​Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2021

Primal Fear released last year the very good, in my opinion, “Metal Commando”. With no gigs and stuff at the moment, everything concerning music industry is uncertain. The band in order to shout out their loud and clear presence in the metal scene, decided to release an Ep. The homonymous track is kind of the most “quite” moment from their previous album. This time Ralf Scheepers shares vocals with Tarja Turunen. All compositions get very well along with Tarja’s voice, resulting in a better than the original take, a whole ‘nother level. “Vote of No Confidence” is a nice, dynamic by all means track. It has all elements distinguishing Primal Fear, with guitars and vocals kicking ass. “Rising Fear”, a small instrumental composition, could ideally be used as record’s intro. “Leave Me Alone”, rhythmic and melodic – personal fav of this release. Last but not least “Second to None”, has a very nice heavy riff, sticky chorus while Ralf’s vocals stand out once more. 3 out of 5 tracks of this release were included in the second cd, in special release of “Metal Commando”. This time you get the chance to have them in a separate package, right on the frontline. The good thing is that we are not talking about second class songs. Unexceptionally each and every track could have been included in any of their full lengths. Though, given the fact that we’re talking about an Ep, it’s mainly addressed to their strict fans’ circle.


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