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Principality of Hell: Interview with “The Magus”


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A man who needs no introduction. We all know him as one of the leaders in the Greek extreme metal scene interests and not only that he has participated in huge names like Rotting Christ, Thou Art Lord and Necromantia. He is a great supporter the Greek scene also writing for various magazines, and up to a few years ago he had a very important record company, the Black Lotus Records.

Greetings Magus, it is our honor to do for this interview for Metal Invader! Let’s start with a few words about Principality Of Hell. How long ago did the band form and how long have you worked for this first album? How many years was the idea of making this band or did it happen accidentally?
-The idea of a band like this was spinning in my head for two years! I happened to see again the dvd from the concert of Venom in 1984 and the decision was made! Back to the roots! In pure times and far away from trends!

You and El know each other for a long time and it is known, but how did Maelstrom joined your ranks and how did you choose him?
-His value was shown by THOU ART LORD. He was the perfect choice. He may not have the same musical experiences with us because of his young age, but he really knows what Old School Black Metal means

Is it a normal/active band or some kind of project? Are you going to actively continue discography and will we see you live soon?
-Basically we are a project band that satisfies our nostalgia for the black thrash of the 80’s. Things then were simple and straightforward !. Discographically maybe just another one album……

About the collaboratin with the World Terror Committee, how did that come about?
-It was made via a contact through our friends THY SERPENT who already belonged to the potential of the company…. beyond that they liked our material and we worked together. I consider it as one of the most remarkable companies of its kind today.

What are the plans for the near and distant future?
-To continue to enjoy the music we love.

Your debut I can say that it made an impact to me. Great energy and beautiful old-school atmosphere for merciless head banging! This old-school taste was something you wanted to accomplish or if you would like to “force” on your sound? Results as I see are a diligent production from yourselves.
-We are not a band that wants to create something new. Essentially we were created to pay a tribute to the black metal spirit of ’80s. On the other hand to satisfy our personal thirst for music of the decade in which we grew up.

This band is going to put the other band projects you have for some time for a while (Thou Art Lord, Necromantia); Also the El and the Maelstrom participate in quite a few projects. Are you going to give some priorities at Principality Of Hell ?
-No way. Principality Of Hell is clearly a band treatment to our soul. Actually when we rehearsed and recorded it was like we were transported back 25 years!

How do you see this whole old school feeling revival? As many of these bands that are trying to blend black with thrash metal combining the 20-30 years ago atmosphere are very hot right now, has any of them won your attention?
-I have no stand. Old school is becoming fashion. There are significant efforts but what mostly irritates me are bands that cannot play a single note correctly and deliberately having a really bad production peddling the whole effort as Old School …… not even close !

What about the Greek scene? Are any bands that you distinguish and deserve the attention of the audience?
-Greek Metal scene has really established its identity on Metal community. I would prefer not to mention any band names because that would be unfair for those that I would forgot!

Are you in any record label or something at this time? You had several adventures in the past with Black Lotus, etc. Have you thought to promote the band on your own?
-Now I only play music. Believe me it is better so. I met the hard face of music industry and I prefer to abstain …..

Some final words to close the interview ?
-I honestly hope that “Fire & Brimstone” will travel you to past times and the younger to discover through it, the roots of Black Metal ….

Thank you very much for your time, I hope to see you playing live sometime!

Thrash, Mosh, Beer!

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