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Pro-Pain – Voice Of Rebellion


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Genre: Hardcore/Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Year: 2015

When we’re talking about Pro-Pain, we’re referring to one of the most productive bands out there. This band has already released 14 full length albums since its formation and this year they present us their 15th one. Note that even though the band has so many releases, it remains loyal to its roots (with a few deviations as it is natural). Their new album, titled “Voice of Rebellion” is no exception to that rule; its sound and compositions will sound familiar to someone who is already familiar with the band.

The band sounds more Hardcore-oriented than before. This is not a drawback but when you’re accustomed to the catchy Pro-Pain riffs, you may be a little disappointed. Pro-Pain though, were never a pure Hardcore or Metal band but they combined these two genres of the extreme sound rather successfully, to gain fans from both “sides”.

The album is rather groovy without lacking faster passages. After all it contains 14 tracks so that would be impossible. The lack of the clean vocals they used to have during their latest releases was also a bonus.

When it comes to the music, the album unfortunately lacks something memorable. It surely is an album with Pro-Pain feeling and the compositions follow the standard Pro-Pain pattern. My favorite songs were “BladeoftheCursed”, “Hellride” and “AgeofDisgust”.

Closing, I’ll say that the album isn’t bad. It just lacks the songs that you would want to listen to again. Yet, the fact that I’ve been (and still am) listening to it for 15 days while driving back and forth to work, shows that this album is ideal if you want to listen to something aggressive and heavy.


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