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Procrastinate – Procrastinate


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Genre: Crust/Hardcore/Post
Country: Greece
Label: Sweetohm Recordings
Year: 2017

PROCRASTINATE do not… procrastinate and after two EPs -2014’s ‘Subjugated Herd’ and 2015’s ‘Ideals to Burn’, but which never managed to amuse me- the time is ripe for the release of their maiden work, which is entitled with the name of the band. And if their first steps in the scene were… lied in the ‘mire’ of classic and raw crust/hardcore music, full of ‘badass’, punk way of thinking and without much experimentation, in their debut the Greeks show us that they have passed to the stage of total ripeness.

Strong, explosive and built very neatly by remarkably interesting ideas, ‘Procrastinate’ is an album with personality, a ‘body and soul’ and full of freedom release, without the slightest need to be niched. The hardcore style remains of course the basis of their music, but the blue chip in comparison to the band’s previous works is that it’s not barren of variation, as brilliantly placed ‘sick’ post metal parts combined with more mid-tempo sludge passages give it a more mysterious and dark feeling, but that does not mean that it lacks in ‘blood and thunder’. The guitars are massive and that is the ideal to mash your brains up, the drums sometimes blast at will and sometimes, slowly and horribly like a hurricane, ravage everything in their path, while the main strength of the album is the vocals, that full of anger ‘spit’ raging hatred behind the mic against anything fascist, racist and supremacist.

The production is loud and clear, just as needed for the listener to understand everything, while the artwork was made by Alex CF (vocalist of Fall of Efrafa) and the peacock that is portrayed is not by chance, since in Karditsa, hometown of the band, there are dozens of these beautiful birds and I guess this is the trademark of the city.

In conclusion, ‘Procrastinate’ is not just a decent release, but an album that can be epochal, an album that although will be heavily in comparison with several other releases, manages to express something special and unique.


Kostas Koutsiaridas
Kostas Koutsiaridas
"Since now I name you under our cult..."

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