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Profanator – Mutter Vicium


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Genre: Thrash metal
Country: Mexico
Label: Chaos Records
Year: 2015

Far away in Mexico! I’ve been following these guys for some time now; actually since i listened to “Deathplagued” and i was wowed! These guys drift away from the traditional music with the trumpets and the sombreros (la cucaracha), they definitely drink a lot of Tequila and probably they eat lots of burritos! No matter what, they give everything they’ve got without a second thought and deliver raging thrash metal to the bone! All of the tracks are fucking dynamite! They kill everything in sight! There’s nothing else to say… There’s no reason to write something more! It’s the perfect soundtrack for a Danny Trejo movie (eg. Machete) when the killing spree begins!

“Mutter Vicium “is the third album of the band. They have already released two full lengths, a single and a compilation. They are active since 1999, although the members are involved in other extreme metal band, as well (black, death, thrash) and as i can see there’s only one member of the original lineup, while the others have completely changed since 2012. The album has 8 songs, even though the promo version i got includes 7 and it’s in a demo kind of state. The sound is a little bit primitive and old school and i hope that in the full release it will sound a little bit better. It’s not that bad since it sounds cool and old school, although I think the band’s sound would be much better if its taken care of. Their style is classic thrash metal reminding me mostly of the European school, especially from countries like Germany and Sweden.

The guitars cut you like razors with nice complex, still classic riffs. The drums are tight as hell, as the drummer hits the snare mercilessly. In some parts there are some blast beats that because of the natural snare drum, they sound totally awesome and the dynamics never go down. The vocals have a classic color without a lot of experimentation. The vocalist delivers what he needs to do! The bass exists in the mix, but due to the fact that this is a demo it doesn’t sounds the way it should. It follows the drums creating a killer rhythm section.

All the tracks are fast and deadly, there are no half-measures in that and no mid-tempo songs, except for some parts inside the tracks, all of which force you to head banging and endless mosh. Notice: the intro of the track “Wormed” sounds like Slayer’s “Altar of Sacrifice”. But, who cares? It makes the song sound even more awesome! Something else that caught my attention without being necessarily bad is that there are no solos in this album except the one in the video below!

A really nicely done album. I’ve been listening to it constantly for the whole week I have it my hands! If you like fast music, aggressive, raw without any stops, for endless head banging, then check it out without a second thought! One of my favourite albums for 2015 up to now!


Thrash, Mosh, Beer!

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