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Progress of Inhumanity split w/Head Cleaner


Genre: Grindcore
Country: Greece
Label: Screaming Victims Records
Year: 2014

…And now I continue with the Athenians Progress of inhumanity that with eleven tracks they bring destruction to the other side of the vinyl. They play grindcore with a hardcore feeling and power violence in some parts. Having released a full length album, a 7inch vinyl and here they continue with exactly their classic style.

Very nice and clear guitar playing, sound totally connected to the style of the band, with classic riffs, good structured in fast speed. The bass has a main part on the madly sound, madly as required by the style of the band! In drum set is sitting a drummer in the truest sense of the word. He gives no mercy and he doesn’t stop for any reason, with perfect blastbeats and mid tempos, those who remember him from Vulnus (a Greek brutal death metal band) can understand that we are talking for a drummer that is knocking down the drum set really easy!! Behind the microphone is the new vocalist that his voice has nothing to do with the old ones. That has its positives and its negatives like always is happening when the mic is changing hands. He has more skills as a voice but he doesn’t have the strong identity like the one before who had very special way of singing and was something characteristic for the band. Anyway his debut performance is really good and giving a hardcore feeling at least to my ears.

The whole production has a lot of power and very well crafted from a band that has a strong presence in the grindcore scene!
The 12’ split is out via the greek Screaming Victims Records in 300 copies.


Leonidas Douras
Leonidas Douras
My name is called religion, sadistic, sacred whore.

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