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Punk Against Capitalism: Βιομηχανική Αυτοκτονία (1st show since 1992)


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The historic band “Industrial Suicide” is coming to “Punk Against Capitalism” for their first concert in 31 years!

The legendary crust band, returns to the scene after 1992 and the historic squat “Villa Amalias”, with a renewed synthesis, now having in its ranks Bri of the iconic DOOM. Industrial Suicide were created in 1989 by members of Sadistic Noise and Sound Pollution, managing within a few years to leave their mark on the historic local hardcore/crust scene of the time. With the famous demo and their recorded rehearsal of ’89 being releases that unfolded the band’s perspective on the sonic extreme of stench/grind/crustcore as it was being shaped by the English scene at the time, Industrial Suicide kept intact their political character and their social criticism.

Being active again in recent years, the band is expected to play a very special live set. With compositions from the distant past, that are included in the recent collection “1989 – 2019” which brings together for the first time on vinyl their entire discography so far, but also from the near future. Specifically, in “Punk Against Capitalism”, Industrial Suicide will present for the first time pieces from their upcoming, new demo, called “Empty Pits”, which is expected to be released on tape in the coming months.

Of course, it would be impossible not to hear covers of DOOM! “Punk Against Capitalism” welcomes the greats Industrial Suicide, in a night doomed to crust leveling!

Tune in to the event as more announcements about this year’s “Punk Against Capitalism” will follow in the near future. “

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