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Punk Against Capitalism presents Instinct Of Survival


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Instinct Of Survival are added to the lineup of this year’s “Punk Against Capitalism“! The imposing stench/crust punk band from Hamburg brings its leveling sound to Greece. The band, with decades of experience, is one of the main and best current representatives of the characteristic British crust sound of the late ’80s. The band formed in 1995 as Sperrzone, before changing their name and sound in 1998, influenced by bands such as Napalm Death, Deviated Instinct, Axegrinder, Bolt Thrower, Sacrilege and Filth Of Mankind. Having numerous EPs and important splits in their catalog with bands such as Japan’s LIFE, or Russia’s Fatum, as well as two excellent LPs, Instinct Of Survival’s discography is the greatest proof of their contribution to preserving that sound alive and revelant. 2009’s unrelenting “North Of Nowhere…” perfectly filtered the extreme metal influences, while 2014’s overlooked “Call Of The Blue Distance” brought and kept gloomy and dark atmospheric elements strongly to the foreground. With each new release, Instinct Of Survival evolve, sculpting a highly personal sound that, thanks to its compositional prowess, has introduced many audiences to the music genre and the dystopian world of such soundscapes. Additionally, the band’s live performances consistently showcase, into full extent, their dynamic and intensity throughout the years. Instinct Of Survival is a band that did not make any discount in its general attitude, respecting the values and principles of the subculture it represents. In short, Instinct Of Survival is one of the most important acts on the scene in recent decades! The crust punk invasion of the third “Punk Against Capitalism” therefore continues with the amazing Instinct Of Survival, in an appearance that promises to be stormy!

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