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Puteraeon – The Crawling Chaos


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Genre: Old School Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Cyclone Empire
Year: 2014


The latest work of Swedish Puteraeon, is one of the albums that most people will go unnoticed. We are dealing with a classic old school death metal album, the Swedish way, with strong influences from Entombed (Left Hand Path era), Grave etc. The difficult part when a band playing this style is to create melodies, riffs and compositions that will have something special and different, and not to click on the particular recipe they developed other, with riffs that seem to be created quickly and without great thought. This course can be translated as casual and source, but let’s not hide. There is no band that does not make anything that is based on the absolute spontaneity of the ’90s, because they just already know how this can make it.

‘The Crawling Chaos’ is the third album of the Swedish and for those who had heard ‘The Esoteric Order’ and ‘Cult Cthulhu’, this new work will not change the image of the band. Personally I like this kind and I can listen several times to ‘The Crawling Chaos’. Yet for those who are not fans of the genre, I do not think you hear something special. What I would say to the band if I had the chance, is not to rush to put out a new album. Three releases in four years, are too many and certainly, in such a short time, you cannot give out your best. Their musicianship is, for sure, above average, but i think you need more time for quality compositions.

Bill Z.
Bill Z.
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