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Rage Of Romance – Dark Equation of God


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Genre: Power Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Steel Gallery Records
Year: 2022

Female fronted Symphonic Power Metal is a genre that became very popular during the early 00s. Many bands around the world followed this musical path trying to be included on the realm of the big ones.

Well as the years went by, this particular hype faded a little bit and it seems that the bands that remained were the ones that really have to offer something on the musical side of things. There was also a bunch of newer bands that started around the beginning of the previous decade bringing fresh air to the genre. RAGE OF ROMANCE was one of those bands.

The band enters the second decade its existence and a new third album is their latest offering. Having studied quite deeply their two previous releases I can assure you that “Dark Equation Of God” is their best album so far.

Melodic, sold and powerful this album takes the listener straight into the golden age of Symphonic Power Metal reminding the classics of bands like AFTER FOREVER of WITHIN TEMPTATION.

For this new one the band has worked with a great singer from Mexico. Esthibaliz Rojas has a wonderful voice that really takes the songs to the very next level. Her range, her vocal melodies and the exotic color of her voice makes her the ideal choice for the RAGE OF ROMANCE realm.

In this one we can here some magnificent pieces of musical art like “Sands of Time”, “Distant Worlds” and “Mooncry”, songs that really confirm the greatness of the Symphonic Power Metal genre and the talent of RAGE OF ROMANCE.

With this album the band has set its standards very high. I hope that they will continue on their sky high route. As far as the listener: go out and check this one for sure!

“Dark Equation Of God” will be released on Steel Gallery RecordsDecember 16th. Pre order here.

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