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Ratos de Porão – Necropolítica


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Genre: Hardcore Punk, Thrash Metal/Crossover
Country: Brazil
Year: 2022

Ratos de Porão is a living legend of the worldwide punk scene and one of the best things that ever came out the country of Brazil. Their heavily influenced political verses (even though they are in their native language) seemed always like a manifesto and their music was always uplifting, fast and filthy, giving extra doses of bravery and self-confidence to their fans. The globe is still on fire as the class war climax is never ending and never stopping after the pandemic, while democracy is bleeding in every place on Earth and a World War 3 is a scenario that comes every day closer to become reality. This dystopian environment is the right one for these furious Brazilians to feed their anger. Songs like “Bostanágua” (an vitriolic way to name their country’s president, Bolsonaro as it means “Shit in the Water”) or “Entubado” (that is translated to “Intubated”) that deals with the pandemic of COVID-19, the old school hardcore opener “Alerta Antifascista” (“Antifascist Alert”) makes their return comprehensible and the album relative to modern day issues. Musically speaking the band follows the same path. No need for acrobatics as their fury and revolutionary spirit is best captured and given with this hybrid of thrash/punk hardcore and death approaching. A solid album that marks this honest return, a worth its money investment for every fan of Sepultura, Discharge and Napalm Death.



Nikos Nakos
Nikos Nakos
“When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money.”

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