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Raven – Extermination


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.K.
Label: SPV/Steamhammer
Year: 2015

Surprises on the new Raven release? None. Is this a bad thing? OFF COURSE NOT! This is your typical case of a Raven release. Straight forward Heavy Metal with twists, turns ,razor sharp guitars ,steamhammering drum pounding and a shreiking  John Gallagher (Bass/ vocalist). Stuff like “Feeding The Monster”, “Fire Burns Within” and “Destroy All Monsters” are just what a sleeping neck needs and that’s a good reason to wake up and start banging but none more superb than the “king cool” tune “Malice In Geordieland”! Yeah, the loved or “so loved to hate” famous Raven “lunatic metal” is present through a record that live’s up to it’s creator’s name. If i am to point out a negative thing or two is the drum sound that i think lacks “spark” as it sounds a bit “plastic” to my ears but that’s just me. Overall is a cool release ,certainly not a waste of money. Raven lunatics all around the world can count on their fav band once more as they live up to their expectations with this album. To the limit to the top anyone?


Λέων Παύλου
Λέων Παύλου
Η ομάδα του Metal Invader μου έκανε την τιμή ,προτείνοντας να τους βοηθήσω, καλώς οριζοντάς με στην ομάδα του 'zine .Φυσικά δέχθηκα με χαρά μιας και ήμουν οπαδός - αναγνώστης όταν ήταν έντυπο. Ελπίζω να το σκέφτηκαν καλά και να ξέρουν τι τους περιμένει.

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