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Ravencult | Dodsferd | Dreamlongdead | Spellbound @ Eightball Live Stage 4.10.2014, Thessaloniki


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The evening of Saturday October 4, 2014 will be remembered for many years by the friends of extreme and dark music of Thessaloniki. This is due to the excellent show held at 8ball which passed a devilish mood all the bands that made the line-up of the concert.

Starting with young Spellbound playing melodic modern death metal and definitely dig too much Children of Bodom. They have good technical skills, they look energized and mainly their songs are interesting. They left a good impression and won the applause of the crowd.

Second band was Dreamlongdead who appeared for the second time in the city. Allies with a great sound they shook the stage and created a problem the foundations of the store with tight doom-death metal!! With mostly mid tempo compositions, large in length, with two unholy singers narrating stories of forgotten gods and in the end a cover of “Silent Demise” of Bolt Thrower proved that to be able to play death metal you must first feel it!!!

The surprise for me was Dodsferd. I did not expect such a havoc. Like in the past era dominated by Black Metal. These dudes got it. I recommend -in those who haven’t already- to check out the band and do it NOW !!!!

And it’s time for the headliner Ravencult without further adieu. Heads down, headbanging, great songs, through the godlike “Morbid Blood” especially with the spirit of old Destruction-bathory being present !!!! Surely I must mention the drummer of Ravencult – Dodsferd – Dephosphorous – Thou Art Lord and others who is a real war machine. No wonder it is the most sought after in the field!

Very good sound throughout the duration of the concert, lots of people, nice atmosphere and three of the best bands of their kind. The concert season started in the best way. We expect similar follow ups!!

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