Ravencult: Listen to ‘Force Of Profanation’ in its entirety


Last Updated on 06:58 PM by Lilliana Tseka

The Almighty Greek Black Metal beast, Ravencult streams in its entirety their new album entitled ‘Force of Profanation’ available worldwide via Metal Blade Records.

01. Tormentor of Flesh (00:00)
02. In Macabre Triumph (04:13)
03. Beneath the Relics of Old (08:45)
04. Merciless Reprisal (13:11)
05. Into Depths (16:31)
06. Doom Oracle (21:22)
07. Altar of Impurity (24:33)
08. Temple of the Void (27:21)

Nikos Tsiolis
Blood Fire Death
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