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Razor White – Just What the Doctor Ordered


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Lost Realm Records (original by Thunder Records)
Year: 2023 Reissue (1991)

It would be rather unfair and totally wrong to their quality and excellent work their fame to be only focused as Phil Anselmo’s previous band before he jumped into the Pantera (and later also Down) wagon. Razor’s White though for the majority out there is only that. And that’s a shame. But the devotees of American Metal have scratched beyond the surface and have searched for their music and they were been rewarded for their act of insistence. Their one and only full length was out in 1991 while Anselmo was already gone from Louisiana and being a 100% Texan redneck, famous and following a much more heavy and groovy music path. Yet their debut ‘Just What The Doctor Ordered’, following the 1988 cult demo ‘The Black Demo’ is tremendous. Great vocal lines as Troy John Marks is jut brilliant and his voice warm and melodic. His range is worth mentioning while the ballads probably are his ace on his sleeves. Just check ‘Little Bit Of Faith’ and ‘Back Into My Heart’ (in the first one he plays the acoustic guitar and he sings almost heavenly). But he manages to sound marvelous in more up-tempo tracks and heavier material still catchy and melodic such as ‘2 Young 2 B In Love’ and ‘Can’t Shake that Heartache’. The guitars are heavy and based on some really cool riffs and catchy melodies. We have to mention also some brilliant solos here and there as in ‘Made in Paradise’ and ‘Someday’ by Hipp and Matt Thomas. Well the rhythm section (bassist Craig Cazubon and drummer Steve “Psycho” Joseph) is solid and rock steady while their drummer “Psycho” Joseph has some nice moments were he hits really hard his set and gives an extra boost on the dynamic of the songs. If you are into late 89’s music movement were bands tried to combine glam references and heavy metal aggression then Razor White’s one and only full length, will get a great place in your heart and discotheque. A huge full of quality mixture of the best elements from Lillian Axe, Motley Crue and Fifth Angel can be found here and certainly all fans of good American Metal won’t miss the chance to grab another great release from Lost Realm Records featuring unreleased bonus tracks, band biography, lyrics and rare photos. Highlights: ‘Back to Heaven’, the Bon Jovi-like ‘Someday’, ’Get Close to Me’ and ‘Little Bit Of Faith’ and ‘The Day We Said Goodbye’.

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