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Reanimator – Horns Up


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Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Canada
Label: Independent
Year: 2015

Reanimator from Quebec, Canada, is finally back, releasing its new full length album, entitled “Horns Up”. As anticipated, the record is a classic product of pure thrash metal, with fast guitars, powerful vocals and intense drumming with great rotations.

Even if the record’s title seems a little bit obsolete, the compositions of the album indemnify us, with some furious solos and ultra – catchy, voracious riffs. Their tunes are characterized by this happy, i-wanna-dance feeling, certainly boosting up your mood and urging you to raise your fist. Comparing it to the releases of other bands in the same genre, Reanimator stands out as one of the most inspired bands. Their compositions are not that simple and they don’t lack ingenuity or creativeness. The guitars are playful, with nice riffs and tight solos that don’t get lost in the production or the mixing process (something that happens way too often, nowadays). The drums are rabid and raving, filling in an excellent way the guitars and adding more aggression to the already impetuous attitude. The bass is an unsung hero; its presence is smooth but it adds depth to the tracks. The vocals bring Chuck Billy (Testament) constantly to my mind, as if Patrick Martin (Reanimator’s vocalist) is Chuck’s lost child. We can definitely distinguish that Patrick is under Chuck’s influence (and that’s not a bad thing at all)!

My favorite track from the record is “Mock a Mockingbird”, due to those crazy rock n’ roll / jazz-blues / thrashy, frolicsome guitars. Man, that’s dope. “Thieves of Society” toward the end gives us a more hardcore impression, suggesting the band likes fusing other genres to their sound. This case is also proven by “The Abominautor”, which has a more progressive tune in it, birthing a new spark of interest.

To put it in a nutshell, “Horns Up” is a decent, catchy and pretty aggressive record. It’s worth checking, for sure! Don’t miss it!

Highlights: Thieves of Society, The Mosh Master, Mock a Mockingbird


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