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Red Razor – Beer Revolution


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Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Brazil
Label: Independent
Year: 2015

Red Razor is a thrash band, coming from Brazil and has just released its first full length album, called “Beer Revolution”. Should you take a first look to it, you’ll come to think it’s a record dedicated to the ‘80s thrash scene, judging from the tracks’ titles, the type of vocals etc. By titling the record “Beer Revolution”, Tankard pop to mind, as if Tankard never existed and all we got is Red Razor.

“Beer Revolution” is a decent record that is abound with passion and excitement. Why shouldn’t it? The band’s members are young and full of lust for life. The record is indeed powerful, having an aggressive thrash attitude which seems sincere. The most splendid thing about the record is that wonderful bass. Amazing basslines and the fact that it’s in the frontline and not in the back, works miracles for the tracks in overall. Drums are a good feature as well, as they’re well – crafted and work auxiliary to the track structures. The vocals reminded me of Forbidden’s Russ Anderson. It was my first and only thought. Especially in “Shut Up And Mosh”, the resemblance is staggering.

If the cover art rings a bell, it’s a creation of Ed Repka. Yes, you guessed right. He is the brain behind Megadeth’s “Rust In Peace” and Death’s “Leprosy”. He has served other bands as well, such as Nuclear Assault, Possessed, Toxic Holocaust and many more.

Clearly they lack inspiration on some of their compositions, but the outcome is not a letdown. The somewhat repetitive guitars and the similar structures between the tracks are some things the band needs to take into consideration if they want to achieve something greater. Also, if the band reads my review, please, pretty please, stop paraphrasing other tracks’ titles (e.g. Wish You Were Beer) or giving humorous thrashy titles to your tracks (i.e. Shut Up And Mosh, Napalm Pizza). It’s obvious you want to actually achieve something and create a huge fanbase, though I don’t think that’s the safest way to do it. The humorous attitude misleads the crowd, making it think you’re just having fun or you want to remain amateurs. Take some time to reflect on that, I believe you’ll understand what I’m saying.

Red Razor gains some points for handling the production of the record themselves and for releasing “Beer Revolution” independently, on their own. Balls of steel.  Should the band pay closer attention to details, they’ll keep us interested in the future. Check!

Highlights:  “Controversial Feedom”, “Temple Of Lies”


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